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Republicans Waver on Convicting Donald J. Trump New! 2021-01-25 22:12:21House managers presented the Senate with an article charging Donald J. Trump with “incitement of insurrection.” But Republicans are increa

As Trump Seeks to Remain a Political Force, New! 2021-01-25 22:00:12As Donald Trump surveys the political landscape, there is a sudden Senate opening in Ohio, an ally’s bid for Arkansas governor, and some scores

For the second time in just over a New! 2021-01-25 21:49:23The heart of the impeachment trial will not begin until Feb. 9, giving the former president time to prepare a defense.

Senate Confirms Janet L. Yellen as Treasury Secretary New! 2021-01-25 20:48:19Janet L. Yellen, who received bipartisan support, now faces a big challenge in confronting an economic threat that has caused financial hardship for m

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will run for governor of New! 2021-01-25 20:23:54

What We Know About Trump Allies Like Sarah New! 2021-01-25 20:22:52The names of Lara Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and others have been floated as potential political candidates. Here’s what we know abou

Biden Raises Daily Vaccination Target and Extends Travel New! 2021-01-25 20:11:53President Biden now says he hopes to administer 1.5 million coronavirus vaccinations a day, a 50 percent increase from his initial target, and he exte

Watchdog to Examine Whether Justice Dept. Helped Trump New! 2021-01-25 19:28:01The inquiry was announced after revelations about a plot between Donald Trump and a top former department official to promote false claims of voter fr

Impeachment Briefing: The Senate Has It From Here New! 2021-01-25 19:27:00The House of Representatives delivered its article of impeachment against Donald J. Trump.

Biden Ends Military’s Transgender Ban, Part of Broad New! 2021-01-25 19:21:06The action reverses a Trump administration move, and came less than a week after the new president issued another wide-ranging civil rights executive

Biden Names His Personal Doctor, Kevin O’Connor, to New! 2021-01-25 19:18:34Dr. O’Connor succeeds Dr. Sean P. Conley, who drew criticism for misleading the public after President Donald J. Trump contracted the coronaviru

Rudy Giuliani Sued by Dominion Voting Systems Over New! 2021-01-25 18:08:18The suit against Mr. Giuliani, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump who pushed to overturn the election results, accuses him of carrying out &ld

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How does a 50-50 Senate work? Two leaders 2021-01-22 16:20:33Former Sens. Tom Daschle and Trent Lott, who ran the last 50-50 Senate, offer advice on how to govern when power is split evenly.

How Democrats could gain from a delayed Trump 2021-01-22 12:33:16Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has proposed a plan to begin Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in mid-February. Sen. Chris Coons said De

Another stimulus could take a while. Here’s what 2021-01-22 12:03:39President Joe Biden has floated $1.9 trillion in stimulus spending, which will require passage in Congress. Meanwhile, he has begun putting together e

Can Biden translate plea for unity from rhetoric 2021-01-21 16:49:00President Biden is emphasizing unity. But as he begins tackling multiple crises, putting the ideal into action is easier said than done.

Biden's No. 1 priority: Stop the spread of 2021-01-21 13:07:15President Biden signed 10 pandemic-related executive orders on Thursday. Mask wearing during travel will now be a federal mandate. Mr. Biden has also

With Trump gone, where will QAnon supporters go 2021-01-21 12:19:16The peaceful transfer of the presidency from Donald Trump to Joe Biden left some QAnon followers disillusioned. While some don't know where to put th

Day One in the Oval Office: Biden reverses 2021-01-21 12:14:27From virus precautions to climate action, racial equity, and immigration, President Joe Biden signed 15 executive actions and two directives with the

‘What’s a patriot?’ Americans stumble over dueling definitions. 2021-01-21 11:20:00How patriotism has evolved as a watchword on the right, and has been co-opted by extremists, is a window into political speech in a polarized nation.

Sign of a changing South: Raphael Warnock joins 2021-01-20 16:54:29By electing Raphael Warnock, a Black preacher and Democrat, to the Senate, Georgians have showcased a new electoral coalition.

On Inauguration Day, America hits the reset button 2021-01-20 15:14:00President Donald Trump ended his four years in office with flourish and a hint of mystery – bequeathing multiple crises to new President Joe Bid

President Biden: 'Unity is the path forward' 2021-01-20 13:27:06Speaking to the nation as president, Joe Biden, newly sworn in at the Capitol, called for unity among a divided nation, declaring the day as one &ldqu

A new normal: A woman becomes U.S. vice 2021-01-20 11:19:00After serving as California’s senator for four years, Kamala Harris, a Black woman who is of South Asian descent, will walk into the White House

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Joe Biden Imperator, by Thierry Meyssan New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30President Biden's state of health will not allow him to govern. Already a group of activists are preparing his decisions. Quite far from his electora

Venezuela reportedly found drug against Covid-19 New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30Before the skeptical eyes of the entire world, President Nicolás Maduro announced that Venezuelan scientists have developed a drug, known as Ca

Now in force: the UN Treaty banning atomic New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30The UN Treaty banning nuclear weapons entered into force despite opposition from all nuclear powers and their allies.

White House bends to gender ideology New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30The new White House website has a "Contact us" section, asking visitors to fill out an ID questionnaire. This includes a "Pronouns" drop-down menu

Lockdown measures have no impact on Covid-19, says New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30According to Stanford University, which compared the epidemic curves in 8 different countries having adopted authoritarian policies against Covid-19 (

Biden-Khamenei secret negotiations New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30For two months the administration of President-elect Joe Biden has been holding secret talks in New York with envoys of Iranian President Hassan Rohan

Jack Dorsey censors governments too New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30In 2019, Twitter censored accounts in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Bangladesh and Spain in order to block the dissemination of "state-backed news." A

Mark Zuckerberg censors governments New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30Mark Zuckerberg's company Facebook is already used to censoring governments. After closing French Army accounts in the Central African Republic and M

After the USSR, the USA collapses, by Thierry New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30Everything has an end, so do empires, both the United States and the Soviet Union. Washington has outrageously favoured a small camarilla of ultra-bil

Thirty years ago, the Gulf War, by Manlio New! 2021-01-26 09:12:30For President George H. Bush, the aim of Operation Desert Storm was not so much to defeat Iraq as to establish a "New World Order", in agreement wit

Pentagon moves Israel under Central Command 2021-01-18 18:12:25The Pentagon has five regional commands in charge of implementing imperial policy. The heads of these commands are dubbed "viceroys" after the Briti

Ayatollah Khamenei bans US, English and French vaccines 2021-01-18 18:12:25On the orders of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran canceled the import of 150,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines donated to it by the Iranian co

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Mitch McConnell Backs Down In Fight Over Filibuster New! 2021-01-25 22:45:17The GOP leader cited comments from two Democratic senators who reiterated their support for the Senate rule as a reason to move forward.

Rep. Liz Cheney's Office Slams Rep. Matt Gaetz New! 2021-01-25 21:58:19Gaetz's boast that he does his own makeup for TV sparked a homophobic response from the Wyoming lawmaker's aide.

Joe Biden Halts Trump Plan To Speed Up New! 2021-01-25 20:53:54Workers and safety advocates feared the faster speeds would lead to more injuries and COVID-19 infections.

CNN's Brianna Keilar Incinerates Dr. Deborah Birx's 'Apology New! 2021-01-25 20:30:53The doctor's excuses are too little, too late, Keilar said of the COVID-19 misinformation that flowed from the White House under Birx's watch.

Joe Biden Says Trump's Impeachment Trial In Senate New! 2021-01-25 20:14:00The president told CNN, however, that he doesn’t think enough Republican senators will vote to convict Donald Trump.

Accused Capitol Rioter Apologizes For Threat To Assassinate New! 2021-01-25 19:21:42"I want to publicly apologize to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and the Capitol police officers," Garret Miller said Monday. "I am ashamed by my comme

Can A Former President Be Impeached? The Precedent New! 2021-01-25 19:02:34Republicans argue that Donald Trump cannot be impeached because he's no longer in office. Democrats call that "a constitutional get-out-of-jail-free

Janet Yellen Confirmed As First Woman Treasury Secretary New! 2021-01-25 18:31:33Yellen previously served as the chair of the Federal Reserve.

Leon Black To Step Down As Apollo CEO New! 2021-01-25 18:25:47The review found Black was not involved in any way with Epstein’s criminal activities, but he did pay Epstein bona fide fees for advice on tax a

Live By The Sharpie, Die By The Ballpoint New! 2021-01-25 18:19:31From border wall funds to the Muslim ban, the accomplishments Trump bragged about were done by executive action and have just as readily been undone.

Feds Arrest Man Who Wore His High School New! 2021-01-25 17:26:25"We all stormed the us capital and tried to take over the government," he wrote. "We failed but f**k it."

Biden Wants Congress To Pass COVID Relief Before New! 2021-01-25 16:22:23That's when federal unemployment benefits for millions of people would expire -- again.