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Augmented Reality From the Driver's Seat, and More New! 2020-02-16 09:00:00Plus: Retailers aim to improve delivery performance, and Airbus displays a model of a new blended-wing plane.

Shakeups at the Justice Department Top This Week's New! 2020-02-16 09:00:00Roger Stone, Hookers for Jesus—William Barr had a lot to deal with last week.

Coway Bidetmega 400 Review: A Glorious Way to New! 2020-02-16 09:00:00Everything is going to hell. You may as well enjoy a sparkling undercarriage.

Psychedelic Fiber Offers a New Twist on the New! 2020-02-16 08:00:00A stretchy plastic that changes colors as it deforms lets mathematicians and physicists model the stress points of knots, and test which is the strong

Polaroid Lab Review: Turn Your Smartphone Snaps Into New! 2020-02-16 08:00:00Put Instagram on your walls.

Airbus' Blended Wing Maveric Hits the Skies New! 2020-02-16 07:00:00Starting with the small-scale model 'Maveric', the planemaker says this new design could produce major efficiency gains.

How to Enable Dark Mode on All Your New! 2020-02-16 07:00:00Give yourself to the dark side. Or at least, your phones. 

Christina Koch and Jessica Weir: The Stellar Women 2020-02-15 10:00:00These astronauts are out of this world and breaking new ground for space science.

'Baby Talk' Can Help Kids Learn Language (Oh 2020-02-15 10:00:00The more ‘parentese’ there is at home, the more likely a child is to have an advanced vocabulary later on. 

Cults Are Scarier Without Magic 2020-02-15 09:00:00Evil groups, like the one in the movie 'Midsommar,' are more horrifying when they demonstrate the situations people will put themselves in.

The 'Robo Revenge' App Makes It Easy to 2020-02-15 09:00:00Mac malware, a Bitcoin mixer, and more of the week's top security news.

Insta360 One R Review: A Smarter, Modular Action 2020-02-15 08:00:00The company's latest shooter blends the best of action and 360-degree cameras into one sweet, modular package.

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Rain - the Next Source of Renewable Energy? 2020-02-10 13:00:00Researchers have discovered that rain may be another potential form of renewable energy.

Robots Drawing Blood 2020-02-10 07:00:00The first human clinical trial showed that blood-drawing robots could do the job as well as or better than doctors or nurses.

Seeing Without Eyes 2020-02-09 13:00:00Fifteen years after losing her sight, Bernardeta Gomez is able to recognize lights and play a basic video game via a brain implant that signals strai

Patch Automatically Releases Insulin 2020-02-09 07:00:00To free diabetics from cumbersome wearable technologies, researchers have created an electronics-free wearable patch that automatically releases insu

Fooditive: a Natural Alternative Sweetner 2020-02-08 13:00:00Founded by food scientist, Moayad Abushokhedim, Fooditive claims to be a natural sweetener that is healthy for the planet as well as our bodies.

New Cybersecurity Software Uses Honeypots to Stop Cyber 2020-02-08 07:00:00As attacks on government targets increase, Purdue University has created a new detection system called LIDAR (Lifelong, Intelligent, Diverse, Agile a

Harvesting Green Hydrogen from Underground Oil Fires 2020-02-07 13:00:00By injecting steam and air into underground layers of thick, viscous oil and setting it on fire, chemical reactions are produced that emit hydrogen ga

Nighttime Photovoltaics Could Work Around the Clock 2020-02-07 07:00:00A theory has been posited that running solar panels in reverse can keep them generating power long after the sun goes down.

MOFs Harvest Water from Thin Air 2020-02-06 13:00:00Scientists have identified metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) that can passively absorb almost nine litres of water per day per kilo.

Laser Etching could Eliminate Anti-fouling Coatings 2020-02-06 07:00:00European scientists are developing a laser system that can carve tiny spike structures into sheet metal or plastic – mimicking the rough texture

Stitching Wounds with Human-Grown Yarn 2020-02-05 13:00:00Researchers have been able to grown "yarn" from human skin cells that could be used to close wounds without triggering an immune response.

Handheld Printer Prints Skin for Severe Burns 2020-02-05 07:00:00Large burns can't be treated with harvested skin grafts, so scientists at the University of Toronto invented a handheld printer that prints out sheet

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Hackers using coronavirus conspiracy theories to spread phishing 2020-02-14 11:09:01Tapping into fears of a coronavirus pandemic, fraudsters are sending phishing emails promising a potential ‘cure’. The post Hackers using

Students in Colorado can now take a course 2020-02-14 10:27:27Colorado State University has received approval to launch its cannabis biology and chemistry programme in the autumn. The post Students in Colorado ca

‘In my early career, I had to fight 2020-02-14 10:00:21Cork City Council’s Ruth Buckley discusses her role as CIO and why it’s much easier to discuss digital change now than it was 10 years ago

New Zealand man tried to sell DIY ‘nuclear 2020-02-14 09:00:52This week in future tech, a New Zealand man caused quite a stir after claiming he had a DIY nuclear fusion reactor for sale. The post New Zealand man

Treat yourself to a new job this Valentine’s 2020-02-14 06:50:41From new working options for commuters to financial companies hiring for software talent, we received lots of exciting jobs news this week. The post T

Distant T-rex relative named ‘thunder reptile’ discovered in 2020-02-14 06:29:13Evidence of a new carnivorous dinosaur species has been unearthed in Argentina, and was dubbed by researchers as the ‘thunder reptile’.

Human v machine: Dr Joan Cahill is bridging 2020-02-14 05:54:13Trinity researcher Dr Joan Cahill is seeing an increasing demand for her work, which is putting human factors and ethics at the centre of innovation.

Trustworthy artificial intelligence – is new EU regulation 2020-02-14 05:30:48Barry O’Sullivan from the Insight Research Centre for Data Analytics writes about the EU’s plans for regulating AI – and what opport

Satellites turned into deadly weapons could be a 2020-02-14 05:00:11The University of Denver’s William Akoto writes that with thousands of satellites being launched into orbit, a major cybersecurity headache coul

Vodafone Ireland launches SD-WAN to tackle businesses’ IT 2020-02-14 04:52:11Vodafone Ireland has launched its new SD-WAN service designed to allow businesses better manage their bandwidth and traffic. The post Vodafone Irelan

RCSI gets go-ahead to build new €90m Dublin 2020-02-13 08:04:48Despite opposition from local residents, RCSI has got the green light to expand its presence in Dublin city centre with a €90m development. The

Why you should treat company culture like finance 2020-02-13 07:39:58With new UK regulations around reporting on company culture, Limeade CEO Henry Albrecht shares his advice on the best place to start. The post Why you

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